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About Us

The Cupcake Noggins Bakery started in 2012 to become the home of Quality & Authentic American home baking in India. It is famed for its Delicious Cupcakes and other Desserts. Most of the cakes created by Mrs. Thomas have been popular for ages with friends & family

The company opened its first branch in Bangalore in 2012 and has since launched a further 5 branches across Bangalore & Trivandrum - More launches are planned shortly. 

We developed The Cupcake Noggins Bakery concept in response to what we saw as a lack of  availability of truly authentic American-style baking in Bangalore.

We have not looked back since then.

Our Vision

The Cupcake Noggins Bakery offers a full range of American-style baked treats and desserts including cupcakes, layer cakes, cheesecakes, brownies and much more. 

We played a lead role in bringing cupcakes and the iconic Red Velvet cake to popularity in Bangalore & Kerala. We continue to innovate and introduce new exciting flavors constantly.

Our cakes are based on Authentic American home kitchen developed recipes not a French style Gateaux sponge pastry. The Red Velvet cake  was an American cake invented around the early 20th century & is not traditionally a French style Gateaux sponge.

We also have several flavors for the health conscious and for the Vegans.

Our vision for the bakery and love of American baking ended up being something that many within Bangalore and from across India come to share. 

Today the bakery has become a Highly Celebrated & Iconic Brand. 

Success Factors

One of the key factors in The Cupcake Noggins Bakery’s success has been its commitment to using exactly the same ingredients and techniques as those used in home baking.  

The other key success factor has been our passion for Consistency & Quality as we understand that “Excellence Begets Respect & Trust” – This has become our motto.